Integrated Receiver Decoder

D9854 Advance Program Receiver

The Cisco D9854 Advance Program Receiver is designed for satellite content Distribution applications requiring DVB-S and DVB-S2 reception capabilities with advance digital outputs for digital tier program distribution. A built-in decoder is capable of decoding MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC High Definition (HD) Program for analog monitoring or Standard Definition (SD) down-conversion for composite. Decoding of an MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 AVC SD program is also available for analog or SDI output. It has four L-band inputs. It supports BISS Conditional access and PowerVu Conditional access with DES and DVB Descrambling.

D9858-1 Advance Receiver Transcoder

The PowerVu model D9858-1 Advance Receiver Transcoder provides the ability to deliver MPEG 4 HD services to MPEG 2 CATV headends. It also extends the distribution options for MPEG 4 AVC HD from solely MPEG 4 environments to existing MPEG 2 networks. The D9858-1 can be utilized to provide a down converted SD MPEG-2 program instead of the HD transcoded program, utilizing either manual or active format descriptor (AFD) control of the aspect ratio conversion. Video and two audio outputs are available for analog down-conversion of the decrypted incoming MPEG-4 HD Program.


  • Four L-Band inputs.
  • DVB-S Demodulation for QPSK.
  • DVB-S2 Demodulation for QPSK and 8PSK.
  • PowerVu conditional access with DES or DVB descrambling
  • Supports BISS conditional access.
  • Decryption and transcoding of a single program for digital transport output.
  • PSI and SI regeneration.
  • 4:2:0 HD 1080i and 720P video decoding.
  • Dolby Digital (AC3) audio decoding.
  • DVB subtitle pass-through with a transcoded program.
  • DTMF cue tone & cue trigger outputs for ad-insertion.

D9865 Satellite Receiver

D9865 satellite Receiver is designed for satellite content distribution, and targets the broadcast, business TV, Private networks and SMATV environment. It offers the ability to receive digitally encrypted video, audio, VBI and data. It provides a cost effective solution to transition existing DVB-S/MPEG2 services to DVB-S2/MPEG4.It supports PowerVu Conditional access with DES or DVB descrambling. It supports DVB-S QPSK, DVB-S2 QPSK/8PSK demodulation and frequency range 950 MHz to 2150 MHz.

Digital Encoders

Cisco D9036 Modular Encoding Platform

The Cisco D9036 Modular Encoding Platform provides multi-resolution, multi-format encoding for applications requiring high levels of video quality. The modular platform is scalable to support as many as eight Standard Definition (SD), four High Definition (HD), or other combinations of video encoders within a single rack unit, while providing excellent broadcast quality video and consuming as little as 40 Watts per service.

SDI inputs are both SDI and HD-SDI. Each module is capable of encoding up to two HD services or four SD services in either AVC or MPEG-2 format. The module is available in two variants, providing either four or eight inputs.

Cisco D9023 Encoder

The Cisco D9023 Multichannel Encoder provides dense, low-power consumption for digital headend applications. It is ideal for applications requiring cost-effective MPEG-2 SD encoding in a dense package. It supports encoding up to 9 Channels with one Dolby Digital audio encoded stereo pair or MPEG-1 audio encoding per video channel. It supports MPEG-2 CBR encoding with redundant Gigabit IP outputs.

Digital Content Manager

DCM series D9900 Digital Content Manager Mpeg Processor

The Cisco DCM Series D9900 Digital Content Manager (DCM) MPEG Processor is a compact 2RU platform capable of processing a high number of MPEG video streams. The DCM Series D9900 MPEG Processor is the next generation of intelligent headend processing equipment where the combination of compactness and flexibility leads to cast-effective solution. The optional built-in scrambler allows easy integration with several conditional access systems.

The GbE I/O cards support four GbE ports via SFP connectors, with the card having total throughput of 2 Gbps in and 2 Gbps out. The Gbps ports supports MPTS and SPTS streams. The DCM series D9900 MPEG Processor supports up to 8 Gbps of input and output capability. Each of the four co-processing cores is capable of transrating, statistically multiplexing or rate limiting up to 350 SD streams or 85 HD streams. Each of the cores allow for digital program insertion on SD and HD streams. The built-in scrambler allows easy integration with several CA systems. Integrating multiple CA systems at the same time is possible through the Simulcrypt interface. It also performs high-density MPEG-2 to H.264 video transcoding.


  • Up to 40 ASI interface ports (10 ASI ports per ASI I/O card).
  • SPTS and MPTS supported.
  • Each ASI port supports up to 213 Mbps data rate.
  • Interface up to 16 GbE ports (four ports per GbE I/O card).
  • Transcoding up to 48 SD or 12 HD channels in 2RU chassis.
  • Transrating of single SD and HD programs.
  • Open loop Statistical remultiplexing of SD and HD programs.
  • PID filtering / remapping on each input.
  • Digital Program insertion in both SD and HD domains.
  • Static and Animated logo insertion with resolution 320 x 180.
  • Error monitoring on each input.
  • Dynamic PSI/SI regeneration.


RF Gateway 1

The Cisco RF Gateway 1 is a standard-based universal edge QAM (U-EQAM) solution for convergence of high-speed and high-bandwidth data and video distribution at the edge of the cable access network. It offers leading edge density, modularity and flexibility with support for switched digital video (SDV), VoD, Broadcast video, and DOCSIS 3.0/ Modular (M-CMTS) on a Single QAM Platform.

It supports 48 QAMs per RU, superior RF Performance, 1 GHz RF output and DOCSIS 3.0/M-CMTS capability. The modular design supports 8 QAM channels per module, with four QAM channels per RF port – independent of channel bandwidth (6,7 and 8 MHz)and frequency agility from 45 – 1000 MHz. It supports up to 2048 streams in 1 RU.

The Cisco ROSA Video Service Management (VSM) solution supplies service providers with a complete, powerful solution management of digital content delivery platforms for broadcast over satellite, terrestrial, DSL, Cable networks and Mobile TV. This solution can support a diverse range of applications, including switched digital broadcast, primary distribution, contribution, distribution and transmission. Rich set of tools can monitor and manage digital video, audio and applications, as well as the devices through which services flow.

  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface for the creation, modification and monitoring of the different video, audio and application services.
  • Topology view shows all devices in the network and their interconnections.
  • Signal inspection routing allows to select a service and monitor.
  • Service alarm and monitoring providing information on the impacted services.
  • Support for IP, SDI and ASI video network topology.
  • DVB Simulcrypt integration, supporting major CA systems, Open CAS and DVB-EIS.
  • Supports Cisco Headend equipment such as MPEG-4 AVC/MPEG2 Encoders/Decoders, Digital Content manager (DCM).
  • Manages Transrating and Statmux configuration.