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Compact DOZER ARQ equipped IP Gateways for Reliable Delivery of any bitstreamMPEG-2, H.264, H.265, data, compressed or uncompressed video, or audio over private or public wired or wireless Internet.

ARQ based DOZER is a proven packet loss correction technology that enables reliable delivery of UDP traffic across WANs and LANs. It corrects for packet loss, fixes jitter, and encrypts your traffic with AES 128. Low level of packet losscan be found even across dedicated TELCO lines due to TCP packet contention. DVEO’s

DOZER operates at layer II of the OSI stack. This our technology makes more resilient and suitable for video and VoIP over wired or wireless links.

The DOZER Box is designed for compressed video but accepts almost any bitstream with any protocol, with any kind of content.

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Linux Based LIVE STREAMERS with 1–16 HDSDI or HDMI Inputs and Multi Resolution 24x7x365 LIVE STREAMING Encoders And Groomers Providing HLS RTMP Flash HTTP Grooming For Use With IPads IPhone Android Blackberry Tricaster Teradek Chyron For Encoding To LIVE Media SERVERS Such As WOWZA ADOBE Or To Most CDN’s. Recommended By CDN’s And ISP’s. Works With Ustream And Livestream. Option To Serve 1,000+ Simultaneous HLS, DASH, and/or RTMP Users Natively (Without Additional Software).

Multistreamer DIG-IP

Linux Based LIVE STREAMERS with 1–16 HDSDI or HDMI Inputs and Multi Resolution 24x7x365 LIVE STREAMING Encoders And Groomers Providing HLS RTMP Flash HTTP Grooming.

Real time, standards compliant, highly reliable, 1 RU, embedded Linux® based, single channel SD or HD (SDI), H.264/AVC or Optional H.265 TS Encoder.

Supports most industry standard “protocols” like UDP or RTP with unicast or multicast, and “Wrappers” such as HLS, RTMP, etc. Audio output is AAC, MPEG-1 Layer II, optional MP3, and/or

optional “SurCode for Dolby Digital” AC-3. Supports closed captioning and teletext with overlay.

Encodes streams with multiple resolutions at .1 to 15 Mbps at popular GOP sizes, frame rates, refresh rates, or aspect ratios. Simultaneously creates high, medium, and low bitrate ABR streams to hand off to your content delivery networks (CDNs) with required authentication, for “One to Many” distribution. Software is scanned for vulnerabilities and open ports. Supports 50 Simultaneous HLS users. With Optional Atlas™ Add-on, supports 1,000 RTMP, DASH, and/or HLS users natively.

Also available with inputs such as SDI /HDMI/IP with HDD/SSD storage to playout with multiple streaming format.
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Brutus I IP/IP : Telco

The Brutus™ I IP/IP: TELCO is a highly affordable Intel® Xeon® processor based multi channel IP to IP groomer and transcoder designed for capturing IP content and streaming appropriately groomed content to iPads, iPhones, content delivery networks, and remote video devices. It can also multiplex the streams if required.

The Brutus I IP/IP: TELCO is designed to be an affordable platform to ingest video from multiple IP transport streams, transcode the MPEG-2 to the H.264 or optional H.265 standard. Ideal for Simple Transcoding and Adding

Wrappers and with Different Protocols. Supports Stream Scheduling and Archiving Option. Supports 50 Simultaneous HLS Users. With Optional Atlas™ Add-on, Supports 1,000 RTMP, DASH, and/or HLS Users Natively.

Brutus Transcoder Groomer is Enterprise Class IP TV Headend Video Processing, Transcoding, And Grooming. Completely Scalable 1–1,000 Channel Cloud Or Local Transcoder Groomer And Server For OTT Broadcast Or Mobile Or IP Camera Applications.

Brutus Family includes Brutus I / II / III / IV / V / VI IP-IP Transcoder Groomer which support 20 to 240+ Streams (Profiles) Out at Headends for both OTT or Multiscreen Services.
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Polycoder h/A 24ch Transcoder IP

The Polycoder h/A 24ch IP is a real time H.264 or optional H.265 encoder designed to capture up to 24 analog video and/or audio signals and transform them into IP streams that are best suited for today’s digital environments.

Features Real Time Encoding of Content from Cameras or Video Servers Equipped with Analog (Composite) Outputs. Supports IP Unicast or Multicast TS or HLS or RTMP Out. Output Resolution is 480i, QCIF, or Any Other Resolution. Destination can be Inexpensive Set-Top Boxes or

T-Ramp™ or D-Streamer™ IP/DIG. With Optional Atlas™ Add-on, Supports 1,000 RTMP, DASH, and/or HLS Users Natively. 1,000 RTMP, DASH, and/or HLS Users Natively.
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Broadcast Quality, Full Featured, Industry Compliant, Remotely Manageable, 1 RU, Standard and High Definition Fujitsu Chip Based, HIGH Quality Oriented, H.264 AVC Part 10 MPEG-4 Video Encoder with auto detection for HDMI, Component, SDI, HD-SDI, and CVBS Inputs and Both ASI and IP Outputs.

Audio Support Includes Analog in, or Embedded Audio. Audio Output is AAC, MPEG-1 Layer II, or Dolby Digital® AC-3 Pass-through. Tested to

Work with Most Decoders and with Wowza® and Adobe® Flash® Servers. Features Pro-MPEG FEC. Features VBR or CBR (Constant Bit Rate) Output. CBR Setup Enables Great IP Video Delivery with our Virenza-S+S2™ IP H.264 Decoder.

D-Streamer IP/DIG

The D-Streamer IP/DIG is a real time H.264 or MPEG-2 decoder that receives IP transport streams and decodes them to SDI or HD-SDI. It accepts a wide variety of IP protocols, wrappers, and containers but is highly tuned for HLS and RTSP.

The system is ideal for converting IP streams from anywhere into SDI or HD-SDI streams. Broadcasters and content providers can use our MultiStreamer™ DIG/IP to encode SDI or HD-SDI to H.264 IP or H.265, then decode the streams with the D-Streamer IP/DIG.

This embedded Linux® based unit is designed to be affordable, scalable, and extendable. Modifications to video formats are easily created. Remote management and multi level security is built in.

Supports HLS, HTTP, RTSP, HTML, or RTMP (Pushed from Flash Server) In and Converts the H.264 AVC, MPEG-2, or H.265 Compressed Digital Video and Audio into Professional Digital SDI or HD-SDI Output, or Optional HDMI Out.

Audio Support for AAC or MPEG-1 Layer II. Decodes at .1 to 15 Mbps. Ideal Decoder for Receiving and Decoding of Streaming Video from Remote Sites, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), or IPTV Compatible Appliances or Players. Tested to Work Over Public Internet, WiFi and Other RF Backbones.

Atlas Packaging Server

Packagers are the newly respected Swiss Army Knife of the streaming industry. They are designed to segment H.264 transport streams into pre-determined chunks and package or wrap the segmented streams into HLS or DASH. A third function they are tasked with is serving these streams to thousands of users simultaneously. Packagers often also apply DRM or content protection keys to secure the streams. We support DAES-128, VCAS™ (Verimatrix®), and Widevine®. We can import DISH or Vubiquity™.

Packagers are typically fed the required profilesvia HLS or TS from origin encoders or

transcoders. They do not typically encode or transcode. They are designed to keep track and feed segments used by clients.

DVEO’s ATLAS I / II / III / IV Packaging Server: TELCO supports third party encoders and transcoders and works seamlessly with our Brutus™ or Gearbox™ profilers/ gateways.

Packaging is crucial in today’s mobile oriented environment. Chunks help alleviate problems associated with bandwidth changes and mitigate out-of-order packets. This bit rate adjustment technique ensures that mobile devices are supported with the best possible video quality at all times. ATLAS servers support Android™ private channels.

Supported output Devices: Any device that runs HLS or DASH: This includes all Apple®, Android™, and Chrome® based devices.

ATLAS II Packaging Sever designed to serve 80+ channels with support for 7,000 users at 1 mbps.

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Broadcast Quality, Real Time, 3 RU, 16 Core Xeon® based, four HD-SDI channels, Live and Stored Content and Spliced Ad Player with Graphics, Text, or Logo Overlay for each outgoing stream. Supports EAS and SCTE 35 on all inputs. Plays live channels via included scheduler and inserts sophisticated graphics, logos, or crawling text anywhere on the SD or HD Live Stream with any degree of transparency. Along with pre-roll and post-roll inserts, unit supports seamless splices and squeezes anytime or message overlays on

all 4 channels in real time. Designed for Broadcasters who distribute HD content on one primary channel and SD on sub channels. Interfaced to Several Traffic Systems and we can interface to yours.

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It is a Real Time, High Density, 1-30 Channel, Windows® Based, Web Manageable, H.264 or MPEG-2 Oriented, Content Manager and Ad Server with the Ability to Play Out Live and Stored Content on a Schedule with Flexible Standards Compliant Video Ads, Text, or Graphics Insertion via Overlay, Splicing, or Video Squeeze.

It Supports SCTE-35 and EAS Triggers and will Splice in Internal or External Live Clips as Needed. Designed for Professionals Who are Ready to Move to Powerful Computer Platforms that can

Give Them Everything Needed to Operate Many Channels in a Single Box.

Keeps Track of Ads Served. Amazingly Flexible. Deployed at Major Cable Company to Originate Important Messages to Entire Subscriber Base. Ships with Graphics Creation Application but can use Most Graphics Formats. Basic Traffic and Scheduling are Supported.

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Gearbox™ II DVB-S-S2 16 Tuners/IP: TELCO

It is a Broadcast Quality, Up to 16 Satellite Tuner, Real Time, Standard or High Definition (up to 1080p), Integrated DVB-S and DVB-S2 RF Receiver, and MPEG-2 to H.264 or Optional H.265

Transcoder, Scaler, and Streamer. Based on Embedded Linux®, it Boots Quickly from Flash Drive and remembers all Settings. It will Transcode and Process Multiple Streams up to CPU Limitations. Typical Dedicated Transcodes are up to 80 SD Streams, or 20 1080i/p Streams, or 30 720p60 Streams.

It supports RTMP, HTTP, and Live Streaming and Works with Atlas™, Wowza®, and Adobe® Flash® Servers. There is a Version with IP In and Out. Audio Support is AAC, MPEG-1 Layer II, Optional MP3, and/or Optional “SurCode for Dolby Digital” AC-3.

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eYe Grabber™ QAM

eYe Grabber™ QAM Small, portable, wall powered, frequency agile (55-810 MHz), QAM 16/32/128/256 compliant test modulator for the real time output of live or stored HD streams coming via ASI, or USB from local hard drive, to be sent to coax RF CCTV systems with many modern plasma and LCD QAM tuners. Inexpensive and easy to use device for use in commercial establishments where a video based message is available from a satellite feed or from the local hard drive. Includes comprehensive transport stream playout application with scheduling.

The input can be USB, DVB-ASI, or SMPTE 310M, single or multi program transport streams. One QAM channel can have two HD streams. The eYe Grabber is upgradeable with all other modulations, like 8VSB, ATSC 3.0, DVB-C2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2, CMMB, DTMB, T-DMB, ISDB-Tb, ISDB-S, etc.

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Apollo I HDMI+Analog/QAM

The Apollo I is an HDMI or analog to QAM or DVB-C modulator with MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD/SD encoding. It accepts one HDMI input or one analog (component or composite) input. The output is one QAM or DVB-C output.

The system also works as a USB recorder and player for digital signage, surveillance, etc. It encodes the source videos to .ts files and saves them to a USB flash drive. Users can also use the included “TS Creator” software to create .ts videos with previously recorded video, images, and audio.

The Apollo I is also an ideal product to present bus station schedules, class schedules, or any other information that originates in a computer. It is also useful in MDU digital insertion of security cameras for monitoring pools and parking facilities.

Other versions available: Apollo IV™ HDMI 4 Input/QAM+IP+ASI 4ch , HDMI to 8VSB, HDMI to DVB-T.

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