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ADV-4800EC8-channel H.264 HD/SD Encoder.

ADV-4800EC is a high density multichannel real-time H.264 HD/SD and MPEG-2 (SD only) Encoder that can support encoding of up to eight input signals. The ADV-4800 comes in two different configuration options, with either 8x HDMI or 8x SDI input ports. The encoded streams can be re-multiplexed and output over the GbE IP and ASI ports. Unlike competing products the ADV-4800EC is also able to offer IP error correction in the form of ProMPEG FEC standard. Great for P2P video distribution on unreliable networks.

ADV-8102 – 2-Channel MPEG-2/H.264 HD/SD Encoder

The ADV-8102 is a high quality 2-channel pro video/audio encoder suitable for broadcasting applications. Configure up to two encoding channels that can be selected from an option of SDI with embedded audio or HDMI with embedded audio or CVBS/S-Video/YPbPr video inputs and unbalanced audio inputs.

For video the encoder supports MPEG-2 and H.264 video encoding and MPEG-1 Audio layer 2, LC-AAC, HE-AAC and Dolby Digital AC3 for audio


ADV-8102 has 2 ASI outputs and IP output port. Two encoding programs can be output as two SPTS or one MPTS.

ADV-8102 has an ASI input and can multiplex the input TS with the 2 encoded programs to generate a MPTS output.

ADV-8708 – 8-Channel Video/Audio Decoder.

ADV-8708 is a professional video/audio decoder capable of advanced decoding functionality.

It supports digital TS input through both IP and DVB-ASI inputs.

It can receive up to 8x IP streams (MPTS/SPTS, unicast/multicast) and 1x ASI stream (MPTS/SPTS).

After decoding it outputs up to 8 channels of analog A/V signals: 8x CVBS and 8 unbalanced audio stereo pairs (or 16 mono).

It also features an ASI output for passing through incoming TS to other equipment

 Key Features

  1. MPEG-2/H.264/AVS+ Decoding format
  2. 8x IP inputs (MPTS/SPTS, unicast/multicast) and 1x ASI input (MPTS/SPTS)
  3. 8x CVBS video and 8x unbalanced stereo (16 mono) audio outputs
  4. Real-time bit rate monitoring
  5. High reliability, stable performance
  6. Front Panel LCD local and Web GUI remote control


ADV-8500 – DVB-S/S2 Modulator

The ADV-8500 is a high quality professional, cost-effective DVB-S/S2 modulator designed for broadcast contribution, DSNG and distribution applications over satellite and microwave links.

ADV-8500 is equipped with IP input and 4 ASI inputs (3 for hot backup).
It outputs L-band RF in the range of 950 – 2150MHz (optionally IF output: 50-960 MHz).

ADV-8500’s features also include BISS scrambler, 10MHz input/output reference clock, built-in

power supply for the BUC (Block Up Converter) and more.

ADV-8500 adopts user-friendly web-based operation interface to effectively manage the device.
With its high performance ADV-8500 DVB-S/S2 modulator is wildly used for broadcasting, interactive services, news gathering and other broadband satellite applications.

DME5000 – DVB-S/S2 DVB-DSNG Modulator

Featuring modular construction allowing for easily removable boards and modules, using SMD technology it achieves high reliability and comprehensive system flexibility – all at reduced size.

The modulator board, the key component of the DME5000, is based on a single FPGA and is compliant with the ETSI DVB-S standard EN 300 421; DVB-DSNG EN 301 210; DVB-S2 EN 302 307 for Broadcast and DSNG applications.

A key function of the modulator is the digital nonlinear pre-correction with the possibility to store and recall set configurations. This function allows to correct the amplitude and phase vs. level distortions introduced by the high power amplifiers (HPAs), therefore increasing output power, MER and shoulders performances.

ADV-3480MX – DVB Multiplexer with IP and ASI in/out

ADV-3480MX is an advanced DVB transport stream multiplexer/re-multiplexer. It can receive up to 160 MPTS/SPTS through the GbE port and/or 4x ASI streams through the four ASI input ports.

ADV-3480MX can output 8x ASI multiplexed streams through 8 ASI output ports.

It can output up to 16 multiplexed IP streams via GbE output ports.

ADV-3480MX supports PSI/SI regeneration or

pass through. It can support up to maximum 256 PIDs or 50 TV services per each TS with re-mapping, bypass, and filtering functionality.

With its multiple input and output ports, flexible configuration and powerful TS processing functionality, the ADV-3480MX is a must have missing piece of the puzzle that connects the TV sources from professional IRDs and encoders to the DVB modulators.


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