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Media Excel

Media Excel’s HERO product line has the solution for all your video encoding and transcoding needs.

For Multiscreen solutions,
look to HERO LIVE, a multi-channel, multi-format solution for encoding and transcoding services for multi-screen delivery; HERO FILE, a solution for transcoding all file formats for multi-screen delivery; HERO EVENT, a multi-channel, multi-rate compact and portable field encoder; HERO CLOUD, a multi-channel, multi-format software solution serving as a virtual transcoder for both Live and VoD services.

For Contribution and Point-to-Point solutions,
the HERO product line includes HERO CONTRIBUTION, HEVC-ready multi-format encoders and decoders; HERO INTELLIGENCE, a multi-channel, multi-rate compact and portable field encoder designed specifically for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations; HERO 4K, an HEVC encoder for high performance Ultra HD Live and File workflows.


Media Excel provides multi-device transcoding standard for multiscreen video delivery with adaptive bitrate,. The HERO product line enables Live and File workflows in a single platform. Media Excel’s five 9s reliability powers the 24/7, mission critical deployments of Fortune 500 companies and global brands in Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, IPTV, Pay TV, OTT/TVE, Mobile and Government/DoD.


Media Excel’s HERO Event Encoder (HERO EE) is a low-latency, multi-channel, multi-format, multi-screen remote on-location encoding solution for broadcast of all your most important events, regardless of the venue.

When you want to broadcast that next remote event and need to push your content to multiple media outlets and formats, don,t stop with the cameras, microphones and lighting. Be sure to remember the right encoding platform, one that

can handle all your live streaming event production demands. The HERO Event Encoder’s simple setup and comprehensive workflow deliver the live signal from the camera or switchboard to your local and global viewing audience – ON ANY DEVICE, ANY PLATFORM, ANYWHERE – enhancing your production value (video quality and service reliability), without breaking the budget.


HERO Cloud powers Live and VoD workflows in a ground/virtual infrastructure, a commercial cloud service provider or both. HERO Cloud is not a managed service, instead it enables operators and content aggregators to set up encoding/transcoding workflows within their own private cloud or with a commercial cloud provider. Operators can set up diverse workflows

to accommodate established, emerging and unpredicted demand in a strategic, yet agile, architecture.

HERO Cloud, running on a commercial or private cloud, is an extremely cost-effective solution for broadcasters, content distributors, telcos, and cable operators seeking to monetize the growing opportunities in video across multiple screens. The platform alleviates concerns about the cost to implement services and the risk of investing in capital that quickly becomes obsolete as standards change. Cloud transcoding brings a vast resource to organizations which do not want to invest in on-site transcoding hardware, have unpredictable demand for services, or have short term transcoding projects where making capital expenditures does not make good business sense. It is also a great solution for capacity overflows.


Media Excel’s 4K Ultra HD HEVC Encoder opens the next level of video experiences for customers of premium broadcast, cable and satellite, mobile and OTT/TVE services. The HERO 4K Encoder meets and exceeds the rigorous demands required for UHD/HEVC elevated processing power, using reduced bandwidth transport capacity while providing superior 4K

video quality and 60fps motion fluency. For both Live and File workflows, at the datacenter or in the cloud, HERO 4K provides production-ready 4K HEVC that is standards compliant and field proven.

Increasingly more operators worldwide trust their most valuable Live and File content to Media Excel’s HERO 4K Encoder for pristine video quality without compromises. The combined result of 4K pixel density, 60 fps motion fluency and 10-bit color depth is an unmatched viewing experience.


Media Excel’s HERO Contribution Encoder-Decoder product line has the quality and versatility to handle the challenges broadcasters and service providers face today for contribution/distribution and point-to-point video delivery over satellite and IP networks. HERO Contribution is the perfect solution for content gathering, head end feeds and confidence feeds. With its professional quality

and proven reliability, it provides the flexibility to deliver high quality HEVC/AVC/MPEG-2 video up to full HD. HERO Contribution leverages Media Excel’s 15+ years of leadership in encoding/decoding technologies to provide an ecosystem-wide video delivery solution.


Media Excel’s portable HERO Intelligence Encoder (HERO IE) is a multi-channel, multiformat, encoding solution designed for remote location, high quality and mission critical Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance HEVC/AVC encoding applications.

For those special operations that require pushing out live content to multiple devices and formats, look to an encoding platform with the pedigree

to handle multiple sensor feeds with pristine quality and real-time video performance. With its HD HEVC and AVC encoding capabilities, HERO IE is the best platform to handle the challenges of remote ISR/ISTAR live encoding applications. It has all the high-end features and comprehensive workflow necessary to get the live signal from the sensor output to local and global ISR teams on any device and any format using the most efficient compression standard for your existing transport pipelines. HERO IE leverages Media Excel’s 15 years of leadership in encoding/decoding technologies for high-end defense and civilian deployments worldwide.

Remote Management System for complete visibility and control over all IPTV, MobileTV and VoD Transcoding Services. Designed to cooperate closely with all HERO Transcoding Products in order to deliver 24/7 availability and superior QoS for both Live and File-based Transcoding Services. HMS is fully customizable and can accommodate simultaneously different failover policies allowing operators, systems integrators and content owners to deploy services organically with minimum operational cost.


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