A Pioneer and Leader in Video Streaming

Minerva Networks

Minerva enable service providers to offer an engaging entertainment experience to subscribers on any device, across any network and at any time.

Minerva is the leading supplier of service management infrastructure for the delivery of Pay TV services over managed and unmanaged networks, to managed or unmanaged devices. By offering consumers a consistent user experience across multiple content sources, networks, applications and devices, service providers can increase market penetration, grow revenues and build customer loyalty. Every day, hundreds of operators around the world deliver compelling television services powered by Minerva’s platforms to millions of subscribers.

Minerva’s service delivery platforms enable operators to offer a highly personalized television experience to a broad set of devices (Clients), minimize latency by moving functionality into the access network (Edge) and maximize service velocity with flexible management tools (Back Office).

Back office: – The Minerva Back Office enables operators to manage a full range of entertainment experiences including linear TV programming, video on demand (VOD), subscription VOD (SVOD), pay-per-view (PPV), and Internet-based over-the-top (OTT) content as well as personal media. These content sources can be bundled with premium features such as Whole-home DVR, Network-based DVR, Catch-up TV, Restart TV and multiscreen delivery. Key functionality includes:

Device Management :

  • Manage multiple device types per customer account
  • Define business rules to manage the maximum devices and streams per device type
  • Customize channel packages and other service attributes at the device level

Asset & Metadata Management

  • Ingest assets and metadata from multiple sources
  • Manage offers and pricing for both transaction and subscription VOD assets
  • Ingest rich metadata for live and on demand content

Content & Package Management

  • Create multiple channel line-ups based on programming, region, or time zone
  • Channels can be defined as multicast, QAM, and/or HLS content sources
  • Define business rules for content rights enforcement at the channel, package, or device level

Subscriber Management

  • Manage subscriber data directly through the Back Office or through OSS/BSS API’s
  • Add channel and VOD packages based on region or service level
  • Assign key features such as DVR/nDVR, Catch Up TV, Restart TV, and Multiscreen services


  • Enhance content discovery through federated search across linear and on demand metadata
  • Include OTT content sources in search results


  • Tap into leading recommendation engine solution
  • Engage subscribers with recommendations for live and on demand content
  • Promote specific content through data analytics


  • Capture subscriber, device, and usage data to provide actionable intelligence to marketing and network operations teams
  • Access analytics data through flexible, cloud based reporting tools
  • Export data to third-party ad-insertion and business intelligence systems


Faster service velocity, advanced personalization, and broad device support favor service management platforms that support a thin client architecture. Minerva’s Edge ensures that subscribers enjoy a consistent, responsive experience when accessing pay TV services from any client type, over any network.

Key benefits include:

  • Consistent client responsiveness regardless of network and latency conditions.
  • Open Web Services API’s for ease of third-party client integration.
  • Reduced back-office queries to enhance scalability.
  • Flexible deployment models in either data center or cloud environments.

Clients :

The Minerva platform features a broad set of HTML-5 and native Clients that provide a highly engaging entertainment experience. Intuitive navigation, personalization, recommendations and filtering let users find and enjoy relevant content easily and quickly. The Minerva Clients are supported across a broad range of hybrid and pure IP set-top boxes, as well on a rapidly growing number of connected consumer electronics devices.

Rich Feature Set:

  • Personalization with recommendations for live and on demand content
  • EPG and VOD with search and filters
  • Whole home DVR and network-based time shifting services (Restart TV, Catch-up TV, nDVR)
  • OTT content sources integration
  • Cross-device parental controls
  • Companion screen integration


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